I have two tattoos both from Sam. She really listened to what I wanted and was thoughtful about the placement on my fat, brown body. The actual tattoo process was really positive and I felt really comfortable, respected and appreciated the open communication throughout. I’m thrilled with how the tattoos look–especially the attention to detail.

“I have more than several tattoos and think I am pretty particular when it comes to what I want. Sam is amazingly talented and blows me away with her ability to translate my words into amazing art. Then there is the act of tattooing itself. Her skill with the needle is excellent. Gentle as possible, and still gets it in there. I have never had to have her “redo” a section because we lost ink. And that includes my full back piece that Sam did for me. You are in skilled, friendly, talented and creative hands when you work with Sam to create everything you want from a tattoo and more.”
– Daigan

“Sam’s artistic skills speak for themselves; she is a true master in her field. But what might not be so obvious is how much heart she brings to her work and her clients. I went to Sam with the hope of covering up scars which had heavy emotional content for me. I wanted Sam to come up with the design, but she wasn’t having that. Instead, she guided me through a creative process that resulted in a design that has great personal meaning for me and that I find absolutely beautiful. I remember trembling and being near tears the first time I revealed my scars to Sam. She was able to hold my shame and vulnerability with such compassion and kind tenderness. And humor, too, in those moments when laughter served to relax and lighten me. I quickly felt safe with her, and I even grew to look forward to my sessions! Rather than a simple cosmetic cover-up, the experience was transformational and healing. I will always be grateful to Sam.”

“Five years ago I started a journey with Sam. What started out as one tattoo has evolved into the most detailed work you can imagine. Not only did I find a great artist I also found a great friend!
Sam is not only a great artist but also a great listener her attention to detail is outstanding. I never would of imagined five years ago that I would have all the tattoos I do now. Sam is inspiring. Go see her. You will not regret it.”
-Michael A.

“Sam is an amazing artist, a beautiful soul, a caring and intuitive clinician, and just an all around amazing bad ass tattoo artist. I was drawn to Sam first because of who she is and her integrity and amazing style. She understands nature and how to translate it on the skin. She took my ideas and really spent time on the drawings and making them realistic for a tattoo. I love the birds, the concepts, the perfect placement in relation to how the body parts move and communicate with the art. I went to my doctor after she did my birds on a wire, he was not a tattoo fan, but looked at her art and said, “ok now that is something you can grow old with.” I thought that has to be the best compliment for a body artist. Thank you Sam!”
-James B.

“I had the honor of meeting Sam on St. Mark’s in 2005. Sam’s work is amazing and continues to be my most favorite ink on my body. So grateful to have met her.”
-Kat C.

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