Tattooing since 2002, Sam McWilliams is an acclaimed tattoo artist from San Francisco, California. Named to several Best-of-Tattoo-Artist Lists, Sam excels at botanical and nature-inspired designs, birds, text, precise lines, fine details, and many other styles. She has a BFA with High Distinction in painting and drawing from California College of the Arts, and has worked and held guests spots in New York, Portland, Seattle, Hawaii, Albuquerque, Toronto and Vancouver.

She values respect, listening, kindness and a collaborative process to create the tattoo that is perfect for you. She is happy to design a custom piece or faithfully copy a beloved image you bring in.

Sam is an ocean-lover, surfer, and outrigger canoe paddler. She has also worked as a blacksmith, community muralist, youth wilderness guide, and organic farmer and gardener. For many years she worked to integrate gardens into public school curriculums and arts programming. She is currently studying woodcut printing, botanical illustration and weaving, and frequently collaborates on art projects with her partner, artist Paige Gratland. She has travelled in Central and South America, Asia and Europe, and is a Zen Buddhist practitioner in the lineage of Suzuki Roshi.

Sam currently tattoos in both Vancouver, BC, Canada, and San Francisco, CA, USA. She moved north due to marrying her Canadian partner who won the discussions concerning which country to live in. She makes regular trips to SF to tattoo clients and enjoy her beloved California coastline.

A licensed and trained tattooer, Sam completes annual certification in sterile and clean practices to ensure a safe, hygienic environment. All needles and ink caps are single use and disposed of after your tattoo. Vegan inks and ointments are always available.

Sam looks forward to meeting you, and creating the tattoo that is right for you.
Thank you.

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